Lloyd – Mission Story

Lloyd – Mission Story
Lloyd – Mission Story

Lloyd Richards was inspired to become a volunteer at The Ottawa Mission by his late wife, Micheline, who was a lifelong advocate for the hungry, homeless and hurting. At 77, Lloyd, a proud native of Cape Breton, brings special energy and dedication to everything he does.  And at Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular, one of Lloyd’s volunteer roles becomes very important to all of the hungry and homeless who come to us for a delicious turkey dinner.

Many weeks ahead of our special celebrations donations of frozen turkeys start arriving at The Mission.  With training and lots of practice, Lloyd has become expert at de-boning and slicing close to 100 turkeys for each celebration so that everything is ready for the day.

But Lloyd’s commitment to The Mission goes far beyond helping us prepare for our turkey dinners.  He is here every Monday and Wednesday morning all year round, helping prepare meals in the kitchen, serving lunch, and sorting and storing donated food in the stockroom.  Lloyd is also an enthusiastic fundraiser and participant in our annual Coldest Night of the Year event and, beyond this, he is a faithful monthly donor to The Mission.

Lloyd says that coming here and doing whatever he can to help us is a tribute to his wife’s memory and a “spiritual journey” that enriches his life.  Through his actions, he enriches many other lives as well.

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